JIVERSIFY! offers entrepreneurs like you the opportunity to gain real life advice on how to make your business grow to be a success.

Since meeting on the streets of New Orleans, JIVERSIFY! has been our dream. With a successful relationship, both in business and in marriage, we offer your business the opportunity to look past short-term barriers to focus on longer-term goals, growth, and financial success.

Jeff DeMaria has been a long-time business start-up junkie, always turning ideas into reality. His wife, Meredith, stands by his side and provides that patient sounding board that all entrepreneurs need.

Jeff earned his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Michigan State University, and Meredith earned her Master’s of Science from the University of Michigan. Together, we are unbeatable!

We invite you to submit an inquiry to see how we can help.

We offer start-ups and small businesses, whatever the stage or goals of growth, the following key services that all entrepreneurs should master:

  •  Marketing Matters – Confused whether you should write a blog globally or advertise locally?  JIVERSIFY! offers solutions to develop and cater to each client’s business plan, goals, and dreams of success.
  • Website Wonders – Building a website and optimizing the content to reach prospective customers is easier than you think.  JIVERSIFY! can provide you with the ABCs of how to go from the bottom to the top of the fold of Google…and have a great website while you increase your traffic.
  • Social Frenzy – Sick of the word Facebook?  JIVERSIFY! offers unique and fresh social marketing strategies that can help any business build lasting and beneficial relationships in the social media world.
  • JIVERSIFY! – Just need to talk?  Map out ideas?  We are here to listen.  With the needs of clients as our top priority, we offer a solution-oriented approach to solving most any of your business challenges.


Committed to your success.