Work in Progress –

I’ve enjoyed helping to bring a small business to the online world. is the first website that was completed by Jiverisfy! was built to help a small property management company decrease their vacancy rates and build great family neighborhoods while reducing business administration costs.  If you are a property owner with at least 4 properties or over 12 Unites and want to build a website for property management, then check out what apartments are available in Elyria Ohio.




This website includes the following items.


1. One layer Menu Structure

2. Google Maps Integration

3.  Blog/Advertising Section

4.  Media Gallery

5. Contact Web Submission Forms

6. Search Engine Writing Tool

7. Interlinking Web Pages

8. Google Analytics Statistics

9. Webmaster Tools Set Up

9. Cheap Domain Registration

10. Basic Monthly Hosting – Annual Contracts


This is the type of setup a client would get for the first bundle of Jiversify’s website packages.

Changing Themes in WordPress – Very Basic

Changing Themes in WordPress is pretty simple.  In this blog post I will show you how to change a very generic, out of box theme which will change the entire look and feel of the website.  The reason why I’m make a change is that I can change the back image which is a picture of food.  Not to say that I don’t love food, but to get things started with Jiversify! I wanted to focus on building quick and easy websites for clients.   So today, Jiversify! isn’t a food catering service yet, but it might end up being a business service one day.  Here is a screen shot of the website before I changed themes in WordPress.

Food Theme

Here is a list of steps in changing themes in WordPress:

1. Find a generic WordPress Theme

Theme Option from WordPress Admin

2. I just clicked install, because I wasn’t too worried about test the preview.

Click Install WordPress Theme

3. After it install, you can see a live preview.

Preview WordPress Theme

4. Click Activate

I’m guessing that there will be a few items I will have to review and probably have to fix so that information will show us properly.  This includes items like:

The menu items might change.

The widgets on the page types might not transfer over.

Well, until next time.