Adding Landing Pages to your Menu in your WordPress Website

Adding Landing Pages to your Menu in your WordPress Website:

The first step is to login to your WordPress website admin site and click on the pages tag on the left hand side of your toolbar.

Adding Pages

Now, you can quickly create a page that will be the top menu item.  In the example I’m about to show is for a property management company.  The company have listings in 4 different addresses with multiple apartment types.  All four properties are very different and serve many different types of communities.  Each property is special and has fantastic management to service tenant needs.

Cleveland Street Landing Page

Now it is time to show you how to add the page to the menu structure of the website.  Before you add your main menu items, you really want to understand what your entire website should look like so that your entire menu makes sense.  It’s not hard to make fixes, but you will save yourself a lot of work and time if you plan properly.  The first thing you do to add to a menu is to find the area in the WordPress Admin area to create and manage your menu.

Creating a New Menu in WordPress

You can easily see what options you have available. I’m going to go ahead and jump a couple steps like cooking shows and provide you with a close to finished product.  In this next image you will see that you can drag and drop the menu items in the order in which you would like.  In this example, I manually add the name of different streets followed by the about us section.

Ordering your Menu Items in WordPress


The last step before you can add the newly created menu in from your WordPress site is to customize the theme in your WordPress website.  In the screen shot that I’m provide, it was for a client when we were in the development phase of the site, so we will probably need to repeat this step is we changed the WordPress theme.  Or, we might get lucky and the custom themes might keep feature intact from one version to the next….  We’ll just have to see.

Customize Menu in the Theme of WordPress Site

Hopefully this makes sense.  If you can’t follow these steps, email or submit a question below.

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